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Do Legal Steroids Show Up On Drug Tests ?


One of the main factors one will consider before making a purchase is whether or not these powerful compounds are legal and can they be detected  by drug testing. With 100% confidence we can assure you that these legal steroids WILL NOT show up on a standard drug screening whether it be hair, urine or blood.

  • The ingredients contained in legal steroids are not on the banned substance list, nor are the categorized as controlled substances.
  • Legal steroids supplements are classified as “dietary supplements” under Unites States Law.
  • Owning, possessing and personal use of  the products sold on our website is 100% legal under all local, state and federal laws.
  • Resale of these products may be prohibited.

Legal Steroid Supplements  Do Not Contain Any Drugs Or FDA Banned Ingredients

Hair follicle drug testing costs much more but is less invasive and more effective than other drug testing methods.

During the last 20 years, both schools and employers have regularly implemented drug testing. Urine tests are usually the most common form of screening; however, many people have devised methods to beat these tests and created products used to make the appearance of the drugs. Synthetic urine and masking chemicals are widely available, and they can be effective in blocking even the most severe cases of drug abuse. Because of this growing market, many employers have chosen to use hair follicle drug testing instead.

Hair drug testing costs much more than sweat, saliva or urine tests. However, the benefits often far outweigh the costs. Employers find hair follicle drug testing to be less invasive and it can often detect drugs as much as twice as far back as other testing methods. Hair follicle testing can also reveal if an employee has recently stopped using drugs in order to hide their usage. Another advantage is the fact that it’s usually harder to mask drugs in the system with this form of testing.

The hair follicle drug test requires taking a small sample of the employee’s hair. An official within the company can often collect the hair on-site which is less embarrassing than the collection of urine. The sample is sent to the lab where it is first washed before being tested. This is done to minimize the chance of drug chemicals that may have originated from external sources affecting the test.

Urine testing, still commonly used by employers to screen existing or prospective employees for drug use. However, many are beginning to turn to hair follicle drug testing. Although many people use different methods such as purchasing urine from a “clean” individual to beat a urine test. They are unable to beat the current masking procedures currently used in hair drug testing. Some products claim to be able to mask drugs in hair samples, but these are usually inaccurate or completely false claims. Hair follicle drug testing is a less invasive and more effective method than other choices.